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A Healthy Gut = Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Breast cancer risk reduction is very important to us here at
just better.® fiber! 

Have you scheduled your annual breast exam? 

Early detection is vital!

When it comes to breast cancer risk reduction, a key component is a healthy gut! In our never-ending quest to bring our readers the most up-to-date information on the impacts of a healthy gut, we came across new research from the University of Virginia’s Cancer Center. 

Melanie Rutkowski, Ph.D., of the UVA School of Medicine, studies how gut health affects breast cancer and its spread. Dr. Rutkowski and her team discovered that “an unhealthy gut appears to make it easier for breast cancer to spread.” 

Dr. Rutkowski has been a trailblazer in bringing to light the relationship between gut health and breast cancer. She has pinpointed complex interactions between our gut microbiome and mast cells in breast tissue. Her findings show that an unhealthy gut triggers changes in normal breast tissue that help breast cancer spread. 

Please do your own due diligence and read more about this study here:

Unhealthy Gut Helps Breast Cancer Spread, Research Reveals

Source: Newsroom UVA Health Charlottesville 

How do you support a healthy gut? 

Your gut has its very own ecosystem, and it needs full-time support from you. The gut microbiome is like a garden. It requires your attention and fertilizer to thrive! 

just better.® is a prebiotic fiber that feeds your gut’s good bacteria. It works like fertilizer for the good probiotic bacteria in your gut!

Different species of gut bacteria play vital roles in our overall functional health, including weight management, blood sugar levels, and immune function response.

Supporting good bacteria by getting enough fiber means your gut microbiome is taking excellent care of you and living its best life! 

If you want to improve and support your gut health, we recommend increasing whole, unprocessed fiber-rich foods in your diet and adding 1 to 2 Tablespoons of
just better.®  fiber to your daily healthy living routine. 

Give it four weeks, and you’ll never return to a

low-fiber life again!

We hope this information inspires you to continue taking excellent care of your gut microbiome! 

Remember: A happy, healthy gut has countless health benefits. And if you need one more reason to keep your gut in tip-top shape, let cancer risk reduction be one of them.