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Child Health Day: Fiber-Fueled Futures


As Child Health Day rolls around, it's the perfect opportunity to play detective and ensure your kiddos are receiving the essential nourishment they need. With every growing year, the dietary needs of our kids evolve, and this is the perfect time to re-evaluate, explore, and ensure they're receiving all the vital nutrients they require. Today, we're looking closer at how fiber influences children's current health and sets the foundation for their future well-being.

Understanding Fiber: A Quick Primer 

Soluble Fiber:
Integral to digestive harmony, soluble fiber nourishes the good bacteria in our gut and aids in the bulking up of stool. A thriving gut microbiome, bolstered by soluble fiber, ensures optimal digestive health and fosters a spectrum of health advantages throughout the body. 

Some sources rich in soluble fiber are:

Insoluble Fiber:
Fundamental for a robust digestive system, insoluble fiber champions regularity and wards off typical digestive challenges like constipation. As it fine-tunes gut health, it paves the way for efficient nutrient absorption and enriches overall vitality. 

Examples of foods high in insoluble fiber are:

  • Barley 
  • Beans
  • Cauliflower 

Both soluble and insoluble fiber play starring roles in balanced nutrition. Soluble fiber dazzles with its ability to support gut and heart health, while insoluble fiber waltzes through, ensuring everything stays in rhythm. Together, they make an unstoppable team for your family’s health! 

Why Fiber is Essential for Growing Kids

We’ll start with the obvious reasons… 

Microbiome Maintenance: High-fiber foods contain prebiotics and indigestible plant components that nurture the gut microbiome. A healthy, happy gut = a healthier, happier kiddo!

Satiety and Weight Management: High-fiber meals and snacks keep children feeling fuller longer, helping to manage a healthy weight.  

Regularity: Fiber-fueled kids have regular bowel movements, keeping issues like constipation and diarrhea at bay.  

Chronic Disease Prevention: Fiber is an essential weapon in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease! 

  • It helps to manage blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of Type II Diabetes. 
  • The binding properties of fiber lowers cholesterol, aiding in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. 
  • A fiber-rich lifestyle helps maintain a healthy weight, reducing obesity risks. 
  • Certain fibers also have protective effects against some forms of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

Fiber-fueled kids have healthier, brighter futures!
🤯 Now, are you ready to get your mind blown? 🤯 

The Gut-Brain Connection: The Tale of Two Brains

Often referred to as our body's "second brain," the gut plays a significant role in more than just digestion. It is a neural activity hub that directly corresponds with our brain, affecting everything from our mood to cognitive function.

Serotonin and the Gut

Did you know? Nearly 90% of serotonin – the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, appetite, and sleep – is produced in the gastrointestinal tract. This production is influenced by the billions of good bacteria that reside there, which are nourished by, you guessed it, FIBER!! 

A fiber-rich lifestyle ensures that these bacteria thrive, aiding in optimal serotonin production. 

Mood Stability: A consistent flow of serotonin from a well-nourished gut can lead to mood stability, reducing instances of mood swings or even feelings of depression. When our gut health is robust, thanks to fiber intake, our brain receives positive signals, leading to better emotional regulation and balanced mental health. Happier, calmer kiddos? SIGN ME UP! 

Enhanced Cognitive Function: The gut-brain connection also plays a role in cognition. A healthy gut reduces inflammation —a known enemy of brain function. A well-nourished microbiome can ward off brain fog, allowing for sharper focus and clearer thinking. 

The Sleep Connection: Restless Kiddos Might Need More Fiber!!

Fiber is the unsung hero behind restful nights.

Stable Blood Sugar Levels: Fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the night, it prevents sudden spikes and drops that can lead to interrupted sleep. YES! Your kiddos have spikes and crashes too! Think… “Sugar high/Sugar crash!” 

JBB Fiber Insight:
Many of our just better.® Super Fan Moms have discovered a neat trick: serving up a fiber-rich meal before events like birthday parties or Trick-or-Treating helps their kids feel satisfied and stabilizes their blood sugar levels! Consider these moments as a chance to teach the beauty of nutritional balance —demonstrating that, with moderation, every food can find its way to our table!

Serotonin’s Role in Sleep: Serotonin is a precursor to melatonin —the sleep hormone. A healthy flow of serotonin can lead to better melatonin regulation, ensuring that sleep-wake cycles are well-balanced. Fiber-fueled families are well-rested. 

Digestive Comfort: A fiber-rich lifestyle ensures that the digestive system works seamlessly. This means no bloating, gas, or discomfort during the night, leading to undisturbed, restful sleep.

Mood and Sleep: Thanks to the gut-brain connection, enhanced mood also contributes to better sleep. By controlling anxiety and stress, we pave the way for smoother journeys into dreamland. Sweet dreams, kids! 💚

Adding just better.® prebiotic fiber to your family's daily routine can be a game-changer for both cognitive function and sleep quality. It's about a healthier body and a sharper, more rested mind, allowing for better days and peaceful nights.

How Much Fiber is Enough?

Based on the age of children and teens, their fiber needs vary. Here’s what Cleveland Clinic recommends: 

 💡 Remember to talk with your child’s healthcare provider before making significant changes to their nutrition plan.

Making Fiber Fun and Delicious for Kids

Adding fiber to your child's meal plan doesn't have to mean battling your kids over food. Here are some practical ways to make fiber a regular part of their day!

Whole Grain Wonders: 

Swap out processed food and refined grains for whole grain alternatives.

Some go-to options include:

   - Millet porridge with berries (We’re bringing millet back! 😄)

   - Oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas

   - Whole wheat pasta bowls with mozzarella and tomato sauce 

 💡 Don’t forget to stir in just better.® prebiotic fiber!

🌱 Plant-Powered Proteins: 

Add more beans, lentils, edamame, and other legumes into meals.

For Allergy-Free Kiddos - Get Nutty About Fiber! 

Use nuts and seeds as snacks or additions to meals.

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Fest: 

Offer a fruit or vegetable at every meal. Even if they don't eat it immediately, frequent exposure can increase acceptance over time.  

JBB Tip: Start a small indoor food garden! Have your kids help you grow your own sprouts, beans, or green onions in the kitchen. Why? Because kids who watch food grow are more interested in trying new produce! Cool, right? 

Hidden Fiber Gems: 

Mix things up by incorporating high-fiber foods into their favorites:

• Spinach in smoothies 
• Zucchini in pasta sauce 
• Lentils in burritos

And, of course, just better.® Prebiotic Fiber in EVERYTHING! 😉

just better.® prebiotic fiber mixes seamlessly into yogurt, soup, juice, dips, smoothies, mac & cheese, applesauce, pancakes, scrambled eggs, refried bean burritos, and more! And the best part? It’s 100% dissolvable and flavorless, no fuss! 

Themed Meals: 

Get creative with fun theme nights like Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday. Let kids have some choices with what they eat to get them looking forward to their healthy, feel-good meals! 

Snack Right: 

Leftover smoothies make great freezer pops! DIY a healthy trail mix. Try a kid-friendly charcuterie board! 

By hitting our daily fiber targets, we optimize our health in the present and establish a foundation for enduring wellness. It's a step forward that empowers children and adults alike, teaching them that the choices we make today ripple into the future. So, let's commit to this nourishing journey now, ensuring a brighter, healthier horizon for the whole family!  


Live… just better.®!


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