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Fiber for pets? Yes!

Seventy percent of US households have at least one pet, with dogs and cats being the most popular furry friends. We’re not surprised because pets bring so much joy and unconditional love to our lives! That’s why many pet parents opt for high-quality ingredients focusing on digestion for their four-legged pals.
Like humans, gut health is crucial for cats and dogs. Your pet’s gut is home to hundreds of vital microorganisms that make up the gut microbiome. 

Veterinary science is discovering that - like humans - gut health is connected to the immune system and is responsible for keeping our pets healthy, alert, and functioning at their best. 

Many of our just better.® fans have discovered that our fiber works wonders on their dogs and cats who need a little help with their gut health and/or weight management. 

just better.® fiber is 100% all-natural, non-GMO, soluble corn fiber. That’s it! 

The best part is that our fiber is 100% dissolvable and has no flavor/taste, making it easy to slip into their favorite treats or mix in with meals undetected! 

Here are a few reasons to consider just better.® fiber for your furbaby: 

 To fix tummy troubles (constipation AND diarrhea)

  • For pups who scoot (anal gland issues) — just better.® is like Anti-Scoot powder! 
  • If your pet is overweight, just better.® promotes weight loss 
  • It’s MUCH easier to pick up dog poo when they are taking just better.®  

 So if your pet has gained weight, suffers from the scoots, or poo pick-up is messier than usual, talk with your veterinarian about adding just better.® fiber to their mealtime routine!

Here’s a personal story from our just better.® team member, Dawn, and her dog, Gordon. 

I have a 6-year-old Lab-mix named Gordon. He’s a wonderful and loving guy. Recently, he’s had some digestive upset, and I could tell by his poo that things weren’t quite right. After talking with our vet during a check-up, I asked if adding just better.® fiber to his meals would be OK. She said it was worth a shot as long as he routinely drank plenty of water. (Which he does.) We started that day, and within a week, his poo was a lot easier to pick up, and he seems to have more of a pep in his step, and his spunk is back!” 

We are pet parents too!

We recommend talking with your veterinarian any time you intend to change your pet’s nutrition routine. We encourage you to bring your package of just better.® fiber to your next vet visit and get the thumbs up from your provider first! 


Happy pets make life... just better.®!