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Healthy Gut = Strong Immune System

Your GUT is responsible for
70% of your immune system!

If your gut bacteria is out of whack it may affect your ability to fight off bad bugs and viruses. 🦠 

PREbiotics serve as food for the good PRObiotic bacteria in your gut! 



PRObiotics are great!  They work hard to fight off all the bad bugs.  We want them to stick around and colonize the gut.

In other words...

We want them to take up real estate and make babies!
But if they have nothing to eat they will starve and act more like tourists just passing through (on their way to our sewer system). 

Prebiotic fiber also strengthens the integrity of the mucosal lining in your gut.  This makes it much harder for the bad guys (bacteria and viruses) to get absorbed and wiggle their way into your bloodstream.

Be Good to Your Gut!
Three tips to improve your gut health:
  1. EAT MORE PLANTS!  EVERY snack and EVERY meal should include at least ONE whole food derived from plants. 
  2. EAT PLANTS FIRST!  If eating primarily plants won't work for you - At the very least - Eat your plant foods first.  Fruits and veggies BEFORE your animal protein and carbohydrate.
  3. Consider a fiber supplement such as just better.®️ prebiotic fiber supplement.

just better.®️ prebiotic fiber is for busy people!
just better.®️ prebiotic fiber is a simple, quick, and convenient way to add more fiber to your life!
Simply add just better.®️ to the foods and beverages you are already consuming. 


One last thing.

just better.®️ prebiotic fiber was formulated by a Registered Dietitian on a mission to help busy people get healthy and stay healthy.  

just better.®️ prebiotic fiber:

  • Dissolves completely
  • No flavor
  • No color
  • No artificial anything
  • Does NOT cause embarrassing side effects like gas and bloating!


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