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Insta-Worthy Food Trends... just better.® Part 1

Part of every healthy living journey is relearning how to prepare food in a more balanced way. It can sometimes feel restrictive if you enjoy following the latest food trends. 

But if you change your perspective, it can be a fun challenge! 

You might have heard about the most recent TikTok and Insta craze, Butter Boards! They are a hot take on the popular charcuterie board, but instead of hard cheeses and meats, a generous layer of softened butter covers the board with added toppings like caramelized onions, herbs, nuts, or fruit. They look beautiful and seem fun to serve. 

But is it healthy to eat that much butter at once? 

Butter, in moderation, is OK for some people, but a spread like that has a lot of saturated fat. This kind of fat can increase your cholesterol and interfere with your health goals. 

We didn’t want to miss out on this lovely way to present fresh food, so we did some digging and discovered a fun swap with lower saturated fat. Replace the butter with ricotta cheese.  

Ricotta cheese is high in calcium and protein. It also has all nine essential amino acids. Ricotta cheese is just as versatile as butter because it easily takes on sweet or savory flavor notes. 

We tried a whipped ricotta spread recipe and added a few tablespoons of just better.® fiber to our mixture for a healthy fiber boost! 

Introducing… The just better.® Board! 

It’s super easy to make a whipped ricotta spread! We have left this open for interpretation because sometimes we feel a little sweet, and sometimes we feel a little savory, right?! ;)

Start with a large container of high-quality Part-Skim Ricotta Cheese. 

Add your favorite herbs and spices to taste. 

Add 2 to 4 Tablespoons of just better.® fiber. 

Use a hand mixer or food processor to whip up your ingredients. Be careful not to over-mix! 

Spread a generous layer of this mixture over a clean and safely sanitized charcuterie board.

Sprinkle on toppings like chopped pistachios and fresh herbs, diced veggies, or fruit. 

Place spreading utensils nearby.  

Serve with cucumber, apple, and whole-grain bread slices. 


Following food trends and creating healthy hacks around them is a fun way to explore food in a new and exciting way! Healthy living should not feel restrictive or limiting; open the door to new experiences and get creative! 

Be sure to catch next week’s blog, part two of our 2-part series, ‘Insta-Worthy Food Trends… just better.®‘! We’re taking on Lemon Pasta and Avocado Hash Brown Toast! 

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