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Plant a Gut Healthy Garden

We hope you like gardening puns because this week’s blog has sprouted quite a few! We’re excited because it’s planning season, and we haven’t been able to herb our enthusiasm. 

One of the very best ways to get the freshest, most nutrient-dense produce is to grow your own. At JUST BETTER BRANDS, we believe you should get the majority of your vitamins, minerals, and fiber from the food you eat.  

We’re planning a Gut Healthy Garden this year, and we’d like you to join us! Our garden will be sprouting a variety of fiber-rich, gut-healthy fruits and veggies. 

If you’re new to gardening, here are a few things to consider before you get started. And if you're an experienced gardener, please stay for the puns! 

Stage the Plot  

It may still be winter, but a Gut Healthy Garden starts with a plan. Scope out your surroundings and find a suitable space for your crop. 

The Almanac says, and - they cannot stress this enough - LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! (We linked to their post so you can learn more.) 

If you don’t have much space to work with, there are some great tips on gardening for small spaces online; start here

Fun Fact: 35% of U.S. households grow their own fruits and vegetables. An average garden yields about $600 worth of produce. With the rising cost of food these days, this is an excellent option for a healthy lifestyle and the pocketbook. 

DIY Your Tools 

If you’re a first-time gardener, we’re rooting for you, and we hope you grow to love it! You’re going to need some tools. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started, especially if you repurpose household items

If you’ve been at it for years, WAY TO GROW! Harvesting your own food is top-notch healthy living! It’s time to grab your favorite garden gadgets and give them a good scrub before the season begins. 


Don’t go by the seed of your plants! 

You can’t plan a Gut Healthy Garden if you haven’t botany seeds! (We are very proud of this one.) 

Order your seeds from a reputable supplier with certified organic, non-GMO seeds. Do a little research, and make good choices. We want to take care of the planet and our gut’s ecosystem! (This might be helpful.) 

JBB Fact: just better.®️ is 100% all-natural, non-GMO prebiotic soluble corn fiber! THAT’S IT!
just better.®️ was developed by our founder, Kristin Hirano, a registered dietitian nutritionist on a mission to help busy people achieve their health goals and feel just better.®

For our Gut Healthy Garden, we’re starting with three high-fiber foods: 

  • Raspberries | 1 cup has 6.4 grams of fiber
  • Blueberries | 1 cup has 4 grams of fiber
  • Artichoke | 1 medium artichoke has 7 grams of fiber 

We’re also planting plenty of peppers, herbs, carrots, and lettuce varieties to build fabulous gut-happy summer salads! 

Grow Your Own Way

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to dig in and take a leaf of faith! (We can’t help ourselves! 😂) 

🐝 Bee patient! Tending a garden is a lot like taking care of your gut. They both need attention, nourishment, fertilizer, and proper hydration to thrive! Give your plants the care they need to flourish so they will nourish you and your family all season long. 

Savor the Fruits of Your Labor 

Enjoy this thyme to relax, romaine calm, and find your inner peas; gardening is good for your body and your mental health! 

💃 Lettuce Dance! 

At the end of the season, gather up your fiber-rich harvest and host a garden party! Turnip the beets, eat, drink, and be rosemary! 

(What can we say, the garden puns just really grew on us! 😂) 

We hope it’s not too mulch to ask, but if our garden puns have ex-seeded your expectations, please tap that share button! 

Live… just better.®