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Which fiber is better, soluble or insoluble?

We LOVE it when people reach out with their burning questions about just better.® prebiotic fiber. A recent query had us thinking we should share some of these with you! 

Here’s what one inquiring mind wanted to know about just better.®

Q:I’ve heard great things about your product. Does it also scrub the colon like products with psyllium?

This is what our founder Kristin, a registered dietitian, said: 

A: Great question! just better.® prebiotic fiber is 100% all-natural, Non-GMO, soluble fiber. 

Indeed, insoluble fiber, like psyllium, is great for cleaning up the large intestine by pulling excess water, other waste products, and toxins into the large intestine and facilitating movement out of your body. 

just better.® soluble fiber works differently by contributing to the integrity of the intestine's mucosal lining, which helps with leaky gut, and slows the absorption of carbohydrates; this stabilizes blood sugars, delays the onset of hunger, and curbs cravings for sweets.

It also works like a sponge with a high affinity for cholesterol and triglycerides, soaking them up and politely escorting them to the sewer system. 

See ya, cholesterol! Bye bye, triglycerides! 

Another added benefit of some types of soluble fiber (like just better.®) is that it serves as the fuel for the good probiotic bacteria in the gut (prebiotic). 

The waste products produced when the good probiotic bacteria eat the prebiotic soluble fiber are called SCFAs (short-chain fatty acids). SCFAs send satiety signals to the brain, reducing appetite and helping you to slim down! 

If you’re using just better.® fiber to fix tummy troubles, the one ingredient in just better.®  is known to benefit both ends of the Bristol Scale. 

If you want to improve and support your gut health, we recommend increasing whole, unprocessed fiber-rich foods in your diet and adding 1 to 2 Tablespoons of just better.®  fiber to your daily healthy living routine.

In summary, the two types of dietary fiber are soluble and insoluble. Both are important! Are you getting enough?   

Do you have a question about just better.® prebiotic fiber? Please reach out to us!