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3 Unexpected Reasons You’re (Probably) Not Getting Enough Fiber

The #1 nutrient deficiency in our country is FIBER! Americans have a notoriously low-fiber diet, and we must change that for future generations. A diet high in fiber is our best weapon in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease! 

Here are Three Unexpected Reasons You’re (Probably) Not Getting Enough Fiber

Reason One: You simply don’t know how much fiber you actually need! (And that’s OK! We are glad you are here! Reading THIS blog!)

The biggest reason for fiber deficiency is a lack of understanding or knowledge of the importance of a high-fiber diet and how much fiber we need to consume daily. 

You need 30 grams of fiber every single day to feel your best, while most Americans get less than 10 grams of fiber per day.

Our understanding of nutrition influences our food choices. When we know better, we do better! 

A low-fiber diet leads to poor gut health, and our gut health is at the center of our well-being. 

There are both harmful gut bacteria and good gut bacteria. If we do not support the good gut bacteria, the harmful bacteria take over like a noxious weed causing widespread sickness. 

To get your gut health on track, you need to start tending to the garden in your gut by feeding it prebiotic soluble fiber! When the good bacteria have what they need to thrive, they multiply and flourish, leaving your gut feeling calm and healthy. 

Reason Two: You think fiber is only for people “of a certain age.” 

This is HUGELY FALSE! Fiber is for everyone - period. 

Fiber is ESSENTIAL for young people, middle-aged people, for seniors, and even for pets

Fiber doesn’t just keep us regular; it helps to balance blood sugars, manage a healthy weight, and support our gut health. 

Why is gut health so important? Studies show that our gut influences many (if not most) of our organ systems, including our immune system and brain function. 

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said, “All disease begins in the gut.” 

At JUST BETTER BRANDS, we believe: All health begins in the gut!  

Take care of your gut health by giving it what it needs to thrive: FIBER!

Reason Three: Overwhelming schedules lead to poor meal planning. 

Busy schedules are often to blame when it comes to eating ultra-processed, prepackaged low-fiber foods. Any fast food, whether in a drive-thru or at home, is prepared with unhealthy fats, sugar, salt, and chemicals. 

Since there isn’t much we can do about our hectic lifestyles, a plan of action is essential. Meal planning is vital to reaching healthy eating goals. [Read more about our meal planning tips here!] 

With planned effort, you CAN enjoy the benefits of a high-fiber diet, even with a busy schedule. 

We believe you should get as much fiber as possible from whole, unprocessed foods, but when that is not possible, and for most, it’s not, we hope you’ll try our all-natural, single-ingredient, Non-GMO prebiotic fiber! One tablespoon of just better.®  provides 5 grams of Non-GMO soluble prebiotic fiber! It’s 100% dissolvable and flavorless, making it easy to add to your food or drink! 

just better.® is a clinically proven prebiotic soluble fiber developed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on a mission to help busy people get healthy and stay healthy! 

Now that we’ve set the record straight, we hope you’ll use this information to ensure you (and your loved ones) are reaching your high-fiber goals! 

Live just better.®